Heartland Stewardship Commission

With the leadership of our Pastors, Pastoral Councils, Finance Councils, and Stewardship Commissions, all eight Catholic parishes in the Heartland of Ellis County have adopted the concept of “Total Stewardship.”  The concept of “Total Stewardship” is the Christian way of giving sacrificially of your Time, Talent, and Treasure with trust.

Our American bishops summarize the commitment to being a Christian steward in the practice of our Catholic faith. They make it clear that Catholics need to make a commitment to give a certain amount of time, talent, and treasure in return for the gifts the Lord has given us.

Specifically, we are asked to give one hour of prayer, at least two hours a week of time and talents, and practice the biblical concept of tithing. The Bible directs us to give 10% back to the Lord for all we have is his. Traditionally the Church has asked us to give

  • 5% of our annual income to the Church,
  • 1% to the Diocese,
  • 4% to charities of our choice.

With “Total Stewardship” our parish leaders have made the commitment to call us to the stewardship way of life. In that commitment our parishes want to fully fund all ministries of the parish.

The parishes will pay such costs of religious education, vocations, marriage preparation, and Catholic schools. For those that are users of Catholic schools the Church suggests that we give 

  • 8% of our annual income to the Church,
  • 1% to the Diocese,
  • 1% to charities of our choice.

Our culture teaches us to be takers rather than givers. Our lives evolve around material things. We provide the example to our children. We are committed to increase each parishioner’s spirituality by calling them to practice “Total Stewardship,” more specifically

  • to pray
  • give at least two hours per week of time and talents
  • tithe 10% of our income