2017-18 Adult Wednesday Night Class

St. Nicholas of Myra Wednesday Adult Classes 2017-2018

Classes will be held at Kennedy from 6:15pm-7:15pm

Classes are taught by Father Jarett Konrade and Bill Meagher

Class 1—Bible Basics 101—What are Sacred Scriptures? Where did we get the Bible from?  How do we know that the Bible is the truth?  What are the stories about and what do learn from reading them? 

We will be answering all these questions as Father Jarett, and Bill takes you back to the Early Church to see the Bible being compiled and the New Testament Writers working.  Join us as we journey through history with the Church as we see how God still reveals his love and truths to us through the Bible.

Dates—September 20th-September 27th—October 11th--October 18th (No Class on October 4th)

**This is a class we offered last year but you will still want to take it again this year.  You will receive a different book, and we have added a lot of new material from last year’s class.

Class 2—How do we know that our Faith is Right?—With so many faiths and religions in the world how do we know that the Catholic Church is the true Church?  How do we even know that God is real?

We will answer all of these questions as we dig into the Catholic Faith.  All of us come to our faith in different ways.  Some come to recognize the truth through the Sacred Scriptures.  Some come to the Church through reason and logic.  We will discuss Aquinas’s five proofs of God’s existence, how science and religion work together to reveal God, and how we know that Jesus is the true founder of the Catholic Church.  Join us as we also learn about Papal Authority, Marian Dogmas, The Eucharist, Confession, and the Mass.

Dates: November 15th—November 29th—December 6th—December 13th (No Class on November 22nd)


Class 3— The Message of the Gospels

This is going to be an exciting class.  We will take you back to the time of the Apostles and help you to understand what you are reading through the eyes of a first century Gentile or Jew.  You will meet the Gospel writers and get to understand who they were writing to and what they were teaching the people they were writing to.  Learn who the letters were being sent to and what purpose the letters were being sent.  You will see the Gospels come alive right before you, as things you have never seen before start to pop out to you as you grow in your understating of the writers and the times of the Early Church.

Dates: February 7th—February 21st—February 28th—March 7th—March 14th (No Class on February 14th)




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            ____ Bible Basics 101 ($10.00)—Start September 20th

            ____How do we know that our Faith is Truth? ($10:00)—Start Nov. 15th

            ____The Message of the Gospels ($10.00)—Start Feb. 7th


            *The $10.00 fee covers the book or materials used for class

                *Return to the Church Office/Drop in Collection/bring the form to the first class.